Choosing life on the road was no easy option. 

  THERE are times in life when a single decision can change the course of your future – and the decision to sell all and go for life in a camper has certainly been a life-changer. Happily ensconced for 18 years in the mediaeval village of Cessenon-sur-Orb, deep in the sunny South of France, I was having a late-life crisis.  Do I stay and carry on enjoying the pleasures of the region – friends, the wines, food, wonderful cycling and motorcycling roads, swimming in the river, sunshine and glorious countryside – or do I do something different?  I’ve always had itchy feet and this time my feet got the better of me.  So when someone unexpectedly knocked on my front door to ask if I would sell my house I had to decide. To sell or not to sell. The decision was made easier by Jojy, who had lived in Ireland in a VWT3 camper with two kids. After a couple of days of hand-wringing deliberation I knew the house had to go. And quickly. Within two weeks we emptied the place, the owners-to-be moved in on a rental basis, and we were off to Poland, where Jojy had a place. 


To sell… it was a gamble. Life is a gamble. Sometimes you win, others you lose. I love the Languedoc region; it’s the only place I’ve lived where I have felt completely at home. I have wonderful friends there. I swim with the dogs in the river that runs through my village. I enjoy the most stunning countryside. I bask in the sunshine. It’s a little paradise on earth.


"The pull of seeing the world was too much"

But the pull of seeing more of the world was too much. I had travelled a lot, including motorcycling around southern Africa in the 70s, and the bug never went away. I have lived in the USA, France, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Japan, the UK, South Africa. I still want more. Life in a camper can lead me to wherever I wish. Or us, I should say!

Olly Duke

BBQs and music - it's party time in Cessenon
Pure water from the fountain
Swimming down the mighty river Orb
Instagram did not return a 200.