I never thought this could happen. Kelsi our rescue dog who has been with us for six years has gone missing. Lost. Disappeared. AWOL. Wandering. Nowhere to be found. Out the window. Yes, she jumped out of the car window!

Kelsi was in the Renault 4L with Shaggy our golden retriever. They sit and mind the car quite happily and it’s never happened before that they have escaped and disappeared.

On Thursday 10th October 2019 at about 7pm we returned to our car to find one of our dogs missing. The realisation that it had become a serious issue was the moment I thought she’s out there alone in a big city she doesn’t know.

We still can’t believe it but she pushed open the sliding window and jumped out.

The car was parked in the underground parking at Polygone shopping centre in the Southern French town of Béziers.


The first thing we did was ask people if they had seen Kelsi. One very helpful man who is homeless and has four big dogs saw her go up a road across from the Polygone. We followed that and another woman heard me calling and whistling and said she saw a black dog turn right at the end of the road.

Friday we printed out 30 posters I made on the word document on my mobile phone. The lady in the printers said they don’t do printing from a word document (what?!) So I make a screenshot and then take it back and she says oh that’s ok now. I’m getting really frustrated but try and keep calm.

Back in the Polygone shopping centre I try to explain to the information centre’s receptionist that I would like her to put up Kelsi’s Lost Dog poster. She rings up the manager. I’m waiting and hopeful. Then a nice young man asks about Kelsi and says he could try something. He takes out pendulum with beads and explains that he never takes this with him, but that today he did, and maybe he could help.

I’ll try anything at this stage. The young receptionist gets off the phone call to her boss and explains the shopping centre policy does not allow posters here. 

Ok, I say, let’s try this method of energy to find Kelsi. So he hangs the pendulum over Kelsi’s photo and it starts to make a circle and then starts to swing in one direction. 

We end up across the road and knocking on a door of a flat. the woman who answers hasn’t seen our dog. It was worth a try wasn’t it? I am grateful to this young man and we exchange contacts and I know I will try him again if Kelsi doesn’t turn up.


We stick up the posters at bus stops, the train station and supermarkets and ask cafes and shops to put a poster in their windows. I’m feeling hopeless.

Friday evening we got a call saying there was a sighting of a black dog fitting Kelsi’s description on Boulevard du Languedoc. We spent hours roaming that street up and down and nothing. It’s horrible.

We have made an ad on Pet Alert 34. (34 is this region in France). It cost about €10 for one month. They then share it on all social media sites that have lost dogs. We made a CHIEN PERDU ad which is €3 per week.

I made another poster which is better, it’s got tear of phone numbers for people to take if they feel the might see her. To date we’ve printed out over 150 posters. When I close my eyes all I see is Kelsi’s picture in my head and her unusual eyes staring at me. Where is she right now?


Kelsi is a rescue dog from Poland with a Polish passport and Microchip and has been with us for six years, she loves other dogs and enjoys playing and water and is very gentle. She can be very protective at times. Then she starts growling under her breath which is quite funny. 

The details of our sweet little tickles:

Name: Kelsi / female / 50cm high / 30kg weight / black with spotted white markings on her paws and chest / long tail with a white tip / leather collar / soft short haired coat / different coloured eyes of blue and brown

Kelsi is wary of people especially men and she most probably will be hiding if she’s scared. It’s the worst feeling in the world for me right now not knowing what she is doing and if she is safe.

Places we put up posters: cafes / shops / train station / bus station / roundabouts / traffic lights / town hall / car windows / playground / park / skate park / cycle paths / lamp posts / vets

I have read numerous articles about how dogs can find their way home. I can only live in hope that someone might see her and then see one of the missing dog posters out there. It’s been 6 days. We are waiting for that call.

Anything is worth a try!


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