Location de vacances dans l'Hérault

La Kaya House rental in the South of France. See what's on offer by clicking on the above France-Voyage logo

JOJY uses different mediums for her paintings: oils, acrylics and water colour; and for drawings charcoal and pencil. She paints to commission, but if there are any of her works shown on the web site that you fancy buying, please contact her.

IF you need copywriting or articles, you’ve come to the right place. It’s what Olly does when he’s not drawing. Starting off on local papers, he graduated to national papers and finally fulfilled his passion on motorcycle magazines.  

DRAWING and cartooning are Olly’s specialities. He started scribbling as a kid and during his career as a journalist has illustrated and cartooned for numerous magazines, newspapers and books. Drop him a line and he’ll get his pens out.

THIS web site looks good, doesn’t it? It was set up and designed by Jojy, who also happens to be a bit of a wiz on the computer. Jojy will set you up with your own web site and design it, tailored to your every wish. Enquire for rates.