Susanne and Max

Susanne and Max

Susanne and Max

 How to live in a small space and stay married!”

 How to live in a small space and stay married!”

Name: Susanne (55) and Max (54)

Where from: Germany

Chosen home: American Overland 1989 (9.2m long)

Why did you choose van life?   We didn’t like having neighbours as they can get on your nerves, we didn’t like the typical German rat race of life, and we wanted to see the world and travel round Europe.

How long have you lived in your van?   Six years this coming June.

What countries have you visited?   France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and obviously Germany. Sometimes we stay in Germany for a while as we have to earn money there.

How do you make a living?   We do marketing, much of the time on the internet while travelling. We have a few web sites. Have a look at one of our sites called (in German).

Best country you’ve visited?   Portugal is our favourite, because we love the sea, the weather and the people. The Portuguese are very friendly.

Worst country you’ve visited?   France. The people are snobbish and there’s too much rain during the winter in the north.

Best experience you’ve had while living in your
How to live in a small space and stay married! It’s very difficult and I don’t know how a lot of people do it. Max stays in the front working on the computer and I watch television in the back. But we nevertheless prefer to live in a van than a house.

Worst experience you’ve had while living in
your van?    
When we broke down. We were stuck for 15 days waiting for parts. I had to order the parts in English, which I found difficult. Then the postman had to deliver the parcel to the beach where we were parked. Max did the repairs.

Do you have a dream?   We want to make the interior more homely, so it’s not only wood. Susanne: I want to move back into an apartment in a few years time. Almost seven years is a long time to live in a van, there’s not enough space for two people, but I still want to travel. As a woman I would love to decorate my own home. The van life is Max’s dream and I want to travel with him.

What is the most important thing about your
The engine, for us. If the engine doesn’t work you don’t go anywhere.

How do you pass the time?   Susanne: I do yoga, while Max does his marketing, we walk the dog, we cook. We lead a normal life.

What advice would you give to would-be van
Our advice would be for first timers to first rent a van to get a feel for it.

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